Bungee jumping while Tehran burns


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We continue to wait for a serious response to the events in Iran. Will Canada finally step up and take a leadership role? Seems unlikely as we see the ongoing failure by Trudeau and Freeland. Canada still has a role to play in combatting tyranny. Why is it so difficult too step up and show leadership? Some thoughts.

It was only last weekend that a series of major events were taking place around the globe. There were large scale weather issues on the east cost of Canada, with a great loss of property amid massive disruption and destruction.

At the same time there is sea change taking place In Iran. For years there has been opposition to the tyrannical theocratic reign of Khanmeni and his thugs. His power has been maintained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. They have terrorized and subdued the population for too long without a solid response from western governments. And even though the Canadian Parliament called on the Trudeau government four years ago to list the IRGC as a terrorist group, Justin and company continue to decline to do so. Now the Iranian government thugs have gone too far – hauling a young woman off the train, taking her into custody, beating her while in the police van and then pronouncing her dead of natural causes – all for the sin of wearing jeans that the morality police thought were too tight.

This has galvanized people globally with an estimated crowd of 50000 gathering in Richmond Hill, Ontario to raise their voices for freedom. Once again our PM was looking for a screen shot that would work. But he wasn’t in Richmond Hill  - no, he was out in the hills of Gatineau. Now that he’s solidly over fifty he’s into showing us just how cool and youthful and athletic he is and so his video of the weekend was not of him addressing the crowd and providing Canada’s response to tyranny. Rather, he was out bungee jumping with a compliant media in tow, preparing to carry the shot of his eternal cool youthfulness. But it was more a picture of what his whole time as PM has been – misguided outings, clueless response, certainty that media promotion will carry him through and the knowledge that he will never be held accountable for bad choices and failed leadership. This may be catching up to him – it seems that many Liberal insiders have their finger in the air and are realizing that the storm is coming up on them. It appears that connected Liberals are beginning to move against him – Gerald Butts has taken to lauding the attributes of Mark Carney, the Toronto Star has begun to criticize Trudeau for his response to Iran, calling it "feeble" and "out of touch", and the Butts group has hired Evan Solomon from whatever network he was working for previously. When these folks are setting up against him, can the rest of the paid media be far behind? The problem is that Canadians need to replace the Liberal government, not just a failed boy man who has never learned to lead and who still doesn’t realize that all of this is not about just him.


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