Why is Trudeau's government so afraid of young women, kids and decorated veterans?


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In days gone by, despots approached national celebrations with nervous anticipation. The opportunity to demonstrate their authority and to present themselves in all their magnificence could rarely be resisted. At its most contemptible, great kings would go before the people to present images of themselves the people were to worship. At the very least opposition leaders would be rounded up and imprisoned and often would be paraded through the streets. Resistance was forbidden and crushed even before it could be expressed. Crowds would be chosen selectively and any rival events were banned. Demonstrations were to be obstructed and infiltrated and quickly shut down by the police. Those who were graciously allowed to attend the leaders’ customary self promotional speeches were expected to show their enthusiasm. They dared to criticize the leader at their own peril.

And I thought those days were gone……..

until I watched the events on Parliament Hill last week.

The rotten paranoia and incompetence of the Trudeau government was once again on display to the whole world. What can we say? We are stuck somewhere between embarrassment for what this government has done to our country AND fear that they are just getting started in their attack on regular Canadians.

The very real problem is that they are using a whole lot of government institutions to intimidate regular Canadians. The courts are involved in violating people’s rights, the police, especially the leadership, is politicized and have lost their collective mind and conscience in their enthusiasm to punish Canadians. Public finances are being used against individual Canadians, and the government is deliberately using its power to crush regular folks just because it can.

Lets look at three events from last week.

Tamara LichThe first is the slimy Cross Canada warrant and arrest of Tamara Lich. These warrants are never used, never enforced except in the most serious of charges. The Medicine City Hat police force disgraced itself when they failed to tell the Ottawa thugs that they were not going to do their dirty work for them.  The whole political farce that surrounds the charges against Tamara Lich continues. It reached a new low last week with her arrest just prior to July 1st. Apparently she is such a threat to Justin Trudeau that she needed to spend Canada Day as Canada’s single, solitary political prisoner – she lives so far inside the head of our illustrious Ottawa leadership that she now finds herself being treated as one of our most dangerous criminals, sitting in a prison cell , being hauled across Canada like a dangerous criminal without ever having even charged with breaking a single significant law. This is rotten at every level and is clearly done for two purposes – to intimidate and restrict her AND to try to provoke a response from those who support the principles she has so clearly and effectively represented. This government is too stupid to understand how dangerous the game is that they are playing or how much they have embarrassed this whole country with their paranoid provocations.

The second event was the attempt to interfere with a respected veteran who walked across our country with the intent of going to the National War memorial to express his support for basic freedoms. The silly moves by the Ottawa police and political authorities to present James Topp and his followers as some sort of danger is reminiscent of their phony failed attempt to create hostility before and during veteran’s motorcycle ride, Rolling Thunder, and to make people see it as a threat to Ottawa.

The third and most ludicrous move by Trudeau’s hired thugs was to set up scanners just off Parliament Hill and use them to scan children and attempt to restrict the presence of Canadian flags on the Parliamentary precinct during Canada Day celebrations. Only Justin Trudeau could so divide Canadians that the country’s flag has become a symbol of protest for Canadians.

I don’t know – this all seems like a bad joke. National leadership that is failing at every point – whether it is passport approval, COVID restrictions, airport screening, border controls, or police handling of major events.  Canada Day is just another opportunity for Canadians to tell Justin Trudeau what they think of what he is doing to the country. And in spite of him dragging out the familiar but shabby methods of intimidation and control used by so many silly, egotistical, self-deluded and dangerous leaders, Canadians are still speaking up. They are still getting together to support freedom. They are still waiting for Tamara Lich to be freed and Justin Trudeau to be held accountable for the division he has brought, and continues to bring, to this country. 


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