A Failing Grade….and some solutions


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To those who have been forced to be vaccinated – don’t give up. I know that what once was unthinkable has now become unavoidable for many who needed their jobs. You must keep supporting those who continue to fight to retain our rights – this will be sorted out in the end and you were right to resist as long as you could. Do not forget.

Every couple of days now I get a response to my blogs. A few people have tried to counter what I have put forward by saying, ‘Well no one said this vaccine would be 100%’. Actually, I don’t think ever recall anyone saying this would be 100% effective. But is what we have even close to 100%?

This whole idea makes me smile because it reminds of when I was in High School. To go home and tell my parents that ‘I never promised you 100%’ likely meant that the mark was closer to failure than to success. I would never have said it if the mark was 95 or 90 or even 85 %.

So, our question today is, if the last year and a half ‘vaccine experiment’ was a school project, how would it have been evaluated? What mark should the ‘COVID chronicle’ get?

These ‘vaccines’ had three objectives – to prevent infection, to prevent transmission and thirdly, if someone was to catch the virus, to reduce symptoms. If all three had been mostly achieved, it would have been accurate to say, ‘Well it isn’t quite 100% but it’s getting there.’

What mark do we actually have?

Let look at the three purposes of our COVID solution.

First, we know it doesn’t stop infection – infection rates in our province have been consistently on the rise for months amongst those who are vaccinated. This replicates what is happening elsewhere. On October 28, amongst the groups that could be vaccinated there were 103 new unvaccinated cases and 69 from vaccinated individuals. That is, 40% of those cases had been previously vaccinated. That has risen from 20% two months ago. All the playing with math in world cannot give this anything but a failing grade. And it has further consequences - In September, again according to SHA, 51% of the COVID deaths in Saskatchewan were vaccinated individuals.

How about stopping transmission? The vaccines do not. Even in my limited experience I have seen at least two situations where it would be virtually impossible to conclude that transmission into a larger community came anywhere but through previously vaccinated individuals. Presently 30% of our hospitalized patients are vaccinated – not quite what we were promised.
With most studies showing the viral load in vaxxed and unvaxxed individuals as comparable, it is obvious that this is not a situation where we can denounce the unvaccinated for being responsible for the spread of COVID. Again, a failing grade. As someone once said when asked how he did on a school exam. ‘Well I got somewhere just below freezing Fahrenheit.’

These two areas have done so poorly, that medical bureaucrats have tried to ignore them. They, with the help of a compliant media, turned the spotlight to the only fragment that was left. They have gone to great lengths to assure us that vaccination lessens symptoms. It’s true that it may lessen symptoms, although I have heard from both sides that this is not universal. I know unvaccinated people whose COVID experience was akin to a bad cold and vaccinated folks who have told me, ‘I have never been that sick’. On this one, we will give…. what would be fair?......How about 66.6%?

So, we have three targets – we missed on two and managed to partially hit the third. Getting one section of an exam partially right, while failing the other two units, just doesn’t get us over the pass/fail line.

People are genuinely concerned and worried (other than perhaps some sections of the mainstream media who proclaimed there is no real significance that over 1700 vaccinated individuals in Ontario got COVID this week alone). Fear is making anger, and even hatred, a recurring reaction for far too many people.

What do we do now?

Well, it appears that some in the medical bureaucracy in Saskatchewan want to double down, shift the fear and focus to 5-11 year olds, implement vast restrictions and continue to blame the unvaccinated.
That is not a solution, it’s just another excuse by some of those who ran things for the last year and a half.

The reality is we have no easy way out, but there are and have been things we can do. I have talked about this before – acknowledging that the top down approach hasn’t worked, allow other medical personnel than just government mouthpieces to share what they have learned, set aside useless vaccine mandates, set aside more useless job terminations, focus on the risk groups (still mainly the elderly), start promoting the things that strengthen our natural immunity, recognize there are other treatment options that have worked in other settings, and show confidence in people’s ability to make their own decisions. These are things that we can all get behind and which will begin to rebuild the health, hope and respect that has all but disappeared.



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