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WEBINAR: Punishing China’s Genocidal Regime

The Chinese regime continues is genocidal and repressive activities in various commuinities and is unfit to hold international events such as the Olympic Games. This webinar will discuss way to hold the Chinese CCP to account.

Friday, Sept 17, 2021 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT

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In Defense of Christians National Summit 2021

Combating Oppression & Empowering the Oppressed
Washington DC and online, September 21 and 22nd

Looks like a very strong setoff presenters including several people with whom we have worked.




Global FoRB Action Summit 2021

November 5–7, 2021

Wilberforce will present a Global FoRB Action Summit 2021. It is designed for university and graduate-level students and young professionals who have an interest in, and  commitment to, leadership and human rights.



Is Suspension Of Pakistan’s GSP+ Status Overdue?

This conference has already taken place and is now posted online.

The conference discussed the legal basis of the Blasphemy laws, and the way in which they are abused, and focussed on Pakistan’s continued contravention of a number of the 27 international conventions that beneficiaries of GSP+ status are required to ratify.

It pointed out: 
The imposition of the mandatory death sentence for those found guilty of blasphemy, particularly that charges were recently been levelled at an eight year old child, makes, in the opinion of the conference, the current GSP+ status enjoyed by Pakistan morally and politically untenable. 

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Combating Oppression & E


mpowering the Oppressed


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